Space-saving yet complete Ritual Evolution kitchen for urban living

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In quest for the most self-sufficient and practical kitchen for the urban society, Dario Grasselli, all by himself, conceptualized a solution for Whirlpool. Dubbed as Ritual Evolution, this all-in-one standing kitchen is ingeniously designed to fit in the cramming living spaces without loosing out the luxurious element. Designated as the senior industrial Designer of Global Consumer Design, design department of Whirlpool Europe, Dario gave shape to something so versatile that every woman will crave to give shelter to it. Ritual Evolution is composed of a washing zone on one corner, a central zone of cooking, and the preparation and serving zone on the other corner. He has placed all the appliances on one long side for an easy accessibility and a rapid utilization.

It consists of an induction cooktop and a combi oven. You can also find a warming plate just in the middle of the table, to keep warm the food. The dishwasher and fridge drawer are appropriately placed for uber convenience. The counter top is made of stainless steel while the preparing zone, near the round table, consists of a large chopping board which niftily conceals a scale. The tap features a color sensor technology that indicates the water temperature with blue or red light.

It is also befitted with LED light in the plinth, controlled by a proximity sensor that enables it once somebody gets near it during night. Now that’s something I appreciate the most! Other two LED placed below the sink light the trash containers, while more LED lights the fridge drawer when is opened. So no more stealing food in dark!

On the reverse, Ritual houses a large space for storage that consists of different drawers and chambers. One of these is dedicated to the control panel of the entire system, with the general electricity switcher, several plugs for small appliances, the LED light switchers and some warning light for the sensors. For security reasons, it features a water sensor which disables the general electricity in case of water leakage.

Bingo! I feel there’s nothing more a chef can ask for!

Thanks Dario

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  1. It’s the kitchen that i’m looking for. Where can i get more information and the adress ( belgium or netherland) to by it please ?

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