Space saving and multifunctional Add+ coworker friendly workstation concept

Add+ is an innovative new concept for office furniture designed especially for co-working work environments. Created by engineer/designer Aram Haydeyan in collaboration with Casitoo design’s graduate designer Tobias Fortsch, Add+ offers a full range of expansion options. Also offering greater freedom of movement, Add+ also allows users more flexibility in its functionality.

ADD co working desk by Aram Haydeyan

The furniture was designed to allow it to be assembled and dissembled rapidly, which makes it perfect for smaller office spaces that require their rooms to serve many purposes. When in use and even when not in use, the Add+ remains compact in size, which makes it perfect for working spaces of all sizes. Providing flexible arrangement options and a numerous combination of units, the desk allows co-working environments more productive and efficient.

The furniture is available both as a team-based workspace and a single workstation. The base model comes with five main elements, which include drawers, a smaller second table top, a large tabletop and a base. The furniture can be individually adapted to specific users’ needs and comes with a number of expansion options to enable such functions. Enabling a wide range of applications, the combination and arrangement of the work units make the workflow more effective and less strenuous.

Source: Casitoo

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