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The Space can cocoon people away into private bliss

Even though most people living in the cities in the developed world are leading increasingly isolated lives, those living in the developing world are still living in crowded apartments with multiple inhabitants and want a secluded space to get some private down time. The Space by Bandung, Indonesia-based designer Cecep Hermawan is one such piece of furniture that provides users with the ability to escape into a private sanctum without having to leave their home or go too far away from their roommates or families.


The cylindrical piece of furniture defies categorization though it can be amply defined as a mini room that serves as a cocoon for the user. The Space comes fitted with a padded mattress a wall-mounted table and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows the user sitting inside to enjoy surfing the net, hang out with friends, make phone calls, read newspapers and magazines or even leave their gadgets to charge without worrying about someone messing with them while their owner is away.

The Space also serves as a private music room where the user can listen to their favorite tracks without bothering anyone else. The mini room is a great way to escape the chaos and confusion of multiple inhabitant living accommodations and can be set up in a garden, balcony, terrace or even a big hall and requires a single cord of electric cable to power its lighting, audio and connectivity features.

Source: Jieunstudio

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