Soundshelf: Speaker that doubles up as CD/DVD shelf

soundshelf dhWBt 58
Arranging your CDs/DVDs at home or workplace is not an easy task, unless you have a proper place. Most people just end up with muddled shelves and drawers in a bid to find the required disc. However, designer Witek Stefaniak, together with Anielka Zdanowicz has designed a multifunctional product, named Soundshelf, which not only provides a proper storage for your CDs/DVDs and books but doubles up as a working stereo speaker as well. The Soundshelf, saving the extra space occupied by bulky speakers, is an ideal product for small apartments. It’ll improve your home decor and give a stylish look to your living space.

soundshelf 1 udEJG 58
soundshelf 2 7ft9t 58

Via: Gearcrave/ Freshome

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