Soundscape Sofa: Lounge in style while you shop for electronics

Designed and built for Japanese brand Audio Technica, the Soundscape Sofa is a free-standing retail concept conceived by David Caon Studio. Created in conjunction with Juicy Design, a local Sydney design firm, the lounge allows customers to sample Audio Technica products while seated in a relaxed atmosphere.

Soundscape Lounge

The structure is designed primarily keeping in mind the needs of the customers and comes with six touch screen listening docks that let users plug in their own audio device to listen to their own collection of music. Alternatively, users can also sample an ‘inboard’ catalog of headphones or music via the touch-screens. The lounge allows customers to sample the various products with ease while they explore the sofa’s rugged landscape.

Since each dock in the Soundscape Lounge is fitted with a different headphone product, users can differentiate between the qualities of each and make intelligent purchases. The Soundscape Sofa is truly a bespoke product and the touchscreen software was specially developed for use in this particular application which makes the experience more exploratory and engaging for customers.

To achieve a truly 3D shape and to keep the costs low, Soundscape was originally created as a 3D sculpture and was ultimately constructed using 12mm Echo Panel board shaped by a water-jet, of which 66 layers were used. The curved design of the lounge makes it an ideal in-store relaxation-cum-product sampling area since the touchscreens can be used by both seated customers as well the ones who prefer to stand.

The bright-colored seating used on the lounge offers a dramatic yet pleasing contrast to the sharp grey construction of the lounge and makes the whole station look ultra chic and modern as well.

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