Sound Pot Bluetooth speaker with a face-off tech

sound pot 03

The latest innovations in technology may have refined the performance of contemporary gadgets, but they also have shattered the emotional interaction between the user and the device. Bridging the emotional gap, designer Lim Hyuntaik has come up with a Bluetooth MP3 speaker that captures the essence of sound through aesthetic interpretation and promotes interaction between the user and the gadget. The “Sound Pot,” as the designer hails the speaker, when not in use turns its face down. As soon as music is released, the speaker comes to life and lifts its face to interact with the user. And you may control the volume by just rolling the speaker in different directions. Featuring a body finished in porcelain, the Sound Pot looks more like a sculpture or a piece of art than a speaker, adding to the decor of your place. Measuring 100 x 150 x 100mm, the Bluetooth speaker system is available in matte white for $1,203.

sound pot 01
sound pot 02
sound pot 04
sound pot 05
sound pot 06
sound pot 07
sound pot 09
sound pot 10
sound pot 11
sound pot 12
sound pot 13
sound pot 14

Via: Studiolim

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