Sound Oasis: Surround sound system radiates multitude of sound waves

sound oasis 01

Roland Maria introduced a new surround speaker system, the “Sound Oasis,” featuring immense flexibility and mobility. The speaker system offers easy placement and listening position by measuring the size of the room and the position of the listener to deliver perfect surround sound. A multitude of sound waves emanate from multiple ring-shaped broadband loudspeakers, grouped by computer-controlled playback, well equipped in each of the speaker modules. The surround sound thus spreads in all directions after reflecting back from the walls. The speakers are well protected by the use of non-enclosed housing and the sound is maintained by its transmission line tunnel, encouraging its emotional character. The volume control is displayed by the operator logo and an arrow. This small sized loudspeaker is undoubtedly efficient, offering full surround sound. Check out the illustration after the jump, showing the sound effect with one or two modules representing red: listener / green: Speakers / orange: front-channels / blue: rear channels.

sound oasis 02
sound oasis 03
sound oasis 04
sound oasis 06
sound oasis 05

Via: Rland

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