Soul adds sports to stagnant living of paraplegics


Yesterday only, I mentioned the Liftup, which makes routine transportation independent for disabled and elderly people. In spite of such innovations, physically challenged people still remain deprived of sporting activities. Allowing paraplegics to involve themselves in thrilling sports, Israeli designer, Etay Amir has invented a kite surfing board dubbed “Soul.” His creation is an outcome of the fact that water sport has the power to generate enthusiasm and thrill in the physically challenged people. Based on this discovery, his emphasis on kite surfing justifies this sport as apt for disabled people enhancing their free movement on the water. It features a specialized seat for the user to comfortably rest his body and to provide support for an adventurous ride. Moreover, it is powered by wind, requiring minimal amount of physical strength on the part of the user. This design is a blessing in disguise for paraplegics that will bring ecstasy to stagnant living.


Via: Designboom

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