Sonic Forest revives life in urban environment

sonic forest 01

Finding open spaces in urban environments is not an easy task, as city dwellers have to do with least spaces available around the locality. Reviving the open spaces in urbanities, designer Christopher Janney has developed a hi-tech jungle that adds some spark to the bleak urban life. Dubbed “Sonic Forest,” the new urban spaces comprises 25 aluminum trees, which measures eight-foot in height and contains audio speakers, lights and photoelectric sensors to interact with the visitors or passersby. The trees trigger melodic and environmental sounds, as soon as visitors pass through or come in contact with them. In addition, the forest triggers preprogrammed sound patterns, such as a flock of frogs and crickets crawling through the open space, or a swarm of fireflies passing overhead, which keeps changes according to the time of the day. Check out the video after the jump.

sonic forest 03

sonic forest 02

Via: Janney Sound

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