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Son-X Octavia perks up children’s play ambience around outdoor swing sets

Most games and videos restrict children’s activities to indoor settings. However, encouraging children to go out in the open and get physically active is very important. And it looks like a new playful product designed for outdoor environments might do just that. This groovy product called Son-X Octavia will pep up any play environment and transform it into a joshing and bubbly gathering. The contraption is essentially an interactive sound system that can be clasped on swing sets in a playground.

Solar-powered Son-X playgrounds

Three different recordings will boom out from the device. The fun filled sound recordings that are very much like a series of gags and hoots will be set off after a child spends sufficient time on the swing. After the first sound goes off from the coconut-esque contraption, the second series begins to play in some time, and this sequential system goads the curiosity of children urging them to spend more time outdoors.

The three sounds that liven up the play ambiance are actually an applause, concert whoopee’s and thumping beats. Furthermore, the sound emitting device is actually fastened with a downward orientation on the chain of a swing so that the blast from it is maximized. The solar powered wireless piece doesn’t let any messy cables loiter around making the surroundings safe for children’s use. Additionally, the easy to install device will have upgrades coming out in the future, which will be available on USB drives.

Manufacturers have kept in mind that the target market is modestly budgeted schools and so the contraption will not cost much. The piece available for $624 or €499 is mostly being sold via B2B connections. The item is currently being shipped to many schools throughout Europe. The innovation of this contraption goes to say that the digital movement is spreading out into fresh and green settings beckoning children to come out and play.

Via: Son Xplay/ Engadget

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