SOMA PMP: Touch sensitive mp3 player with alluring shape

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Breaking the trend of the square design of conventional electronics, designer Andrew Seunghyun Kim has come up with a revolutionary PMP design called ‘Soma,’ with elegant and dynamic curves that creates an inherent and natural feeling. Deriving its name from the term ‘somatic sensation’ meaning ‘touch,’ the mp3 player will be available in five exotic materials. The Soma will present two screens – a 3.5’’ touch LCD to display key info and a secondary display with 3 buttons below the larger screen to add an analog to the UI and enhance the navigation. The touch sensitive mp3 flaunts a whopping 32GB memory and an analog user interface, capable of displaying the applications, with their features, on the clothesline. Everything seems to be perfect with Soma, apart from the fact that it’s just a concept now and users will have to wait for at least some time to lay their hands on the trendy gadget.

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soma concept xMfZ5 54
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Via: Core77/ Gizmowatch

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