Solis solar car combines freedom of a motorbike with comfort of a car

solis 04

Combining the freedom of a motorbike with the comfort of a car, Swedish designer Mika Becktor has developed a vehicle concept named the “Solis” that allows more efficient and economic ways of commutation. Integrating solar panels in its exterior, the futuristic vehicle converts solar energy into electricity to be stored in the battery, or the user can hook it up to the grid to pay for parking in cramped urban environments. Running on the wheels with built-in motors fed by electric batteries, the Solis not only allows in-wheel drive but also vacates a lot of space to ensure a roomy interior. Essentially a single-seater, the solar car can accommodate another seat behind the rider that when not required folds to create a large storage space. Featuring a low center of gravity, the concept car looks safer in comparison to contemporary smart cars.

solis 01
solis 02
solis 03

[Cheers Mika]

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