Solar-powered Urban Wheels keeps your shopping clean and green

urban wheels  02

The “Urban Wheels” by designer Siqi Liu is a personal ride-on transporter that harnesses solar power to accomplish multi-tasks such as gardening, shopping, camping or any short distance traveling. Powered by an electric motor backed by a battery pack, the eco-friendly transporter features a flexible body and design that transforms the way people work, play and live. Presenting a compact design, the urban commuter integrates two solar panels, measuring 33” x 24.5”, which slides to the left and right up front to harness optimum sun light during the day.

Employing a key card for activation, the vehicle features an adjustable handlebar that the user can regulate between 38” and 51” according to his/her height or comfort. The transporter also includes a built-in rack or basket for your regular shopping, which when not in use can be removed with minimum fuss. All you need to do is rotate the holder and slide the rack for clutter free ride. The Urban Wheels also presents a control panel, LED lighting system and aluminum chassis to make your ride clean and green.

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[Cheers Siqi]

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