Solar-powered TU colibri bus stop to improve public transport in Peru

tu colibri bus stop 01

Designed to improve local public transport in Peru, the “TU colibri” by designer Beatriz Cockburn is a small yet significant bus stop concept to keep the passengers updated about the route and time of the buses. Commissioned by Peruvian national transport company TU colibri, the modular bus stop features an intuitive color identification system to recognize buses without any complication. For the color codes, in the form of changeable translucent color rings, not only facilitates easy detection of buses to the illiterate but foreigners as well.

Displaying route and time statistics on the touch sensitive information block sustained by a slide-support, the bus stop uses LED lights to indicate the changed route information. Last but not least, the TU colibri also integrates solar panels on its roof to run the bus stop on renewable energy, allowing the Peruvian residents to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

tu colibri bus stop 05
tu colibri bus stop 04
tu colibri bus stop 06
tu colibri bus stop 07
tu colibri bus stop 08
tu colibri bus stop 09
tu colibri bus stop 02
tu colibri bus stop 03

[Cheers Beatriz]

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