Solar powered timepieces for eco geeks

The power of the sun has always been waiting to be harnessed. This endless supply of energy is more than enough to satisfy our needs and wants. But the technology needed can be expensive while lack of initiative by governments worldwide add to the inability of the human race to be better able to make use of this life giving force. Even so, this hasn’t stopped people from coming up with very interesting concepts that run on the power of the sun. Check out these watches that have been designed keeping in mind the environmental consciousness of people.

Nixon Volta solar powered watch

This solar powered watch by Nixon is one good looking timepiece. Sturdy and vintage looking, it is the company’s first solar powered watch since its inception 11 years back. The dial, which is semi-transparent, invites the sun’s rays down to the solar panel which recharges the watch’s batteries. Made out of stainless steel casing, hardened mineral crystal and a crown filled with triple gasket enamel, the Volta is perfect for the outdoors. Double sided leather strap and a stainless steel buckle complete the look. You can recharge it by placing it near a source of light like a desk lamp for an hour and get a day’s worth of power. But if you place it directly under the sun for an hour, you’ll get 60 days of time. Tough and classy, wearing the Volta means never having to worry about your battery going out.

Solar powered mechanical watch

The world’s first solar powered mechanical watch has arrived. Designed by Cabestan Watches, it has been named Sol Invictus and costs a huge $560,000. As expensive as it may be, the Invictus does come with some cool features. It incorporates the antique fusee and chain, vertical tourbillion and drums. Silicium crystals will be used to produce solar cells which will harness the sun’s energy and power the watch. Each piece will be created according to clients’ specifications so you know you’ll be sporting a one of a kind piece. And while the price leaves something to be desired, you can’t deny that it is a stylish combination of advanced technology and electromechanical engineering.

Solaris series concept watches

Concepts are always so awe-inspiring and the Solaris series designed for Tokyoflash is no different. Created by French designer, Oliver, the watches are nothing like conventional timepieces. Looking more like hi-tech gadgets, these watches make use of solar cells that harness the sun’s energy which lights up the LEDs on the face. A cross bar in the middle indicates the four quarters of an hour, while purple LEDs make up the five minute groups. And just in case you don’t get any sun, Oliver has thoughtfully put in a battery as well so you can never lose track of time.

Boiler solar powered watch

Solar powered watches are all very well and good, but have you heard of one that functions for a whole year on a single charge? Freestyle’s Boiler watch does just that. This digital timepiece has a sleek looking face which is perfect for the fashion conscious. Retailing for $115, Boiler is well priced in view of its looks and eco friendly concept.

Citizen stainless steel eco drive

This analog chronograph watch by Citizen is one manly looking device. Stainless steel straps and case and a black dial make this piece perfect for men. Conventionally designed, the only difference is that it runs using the sun’s energy.

Shuo Yang designedsolar powered clock

Ever heard of a clock with no face? Well, Shuo Yang has come up with a solar powered clock made entirely out of recycled paper that has no face. Hitting two birds with one stone, Yang has attempted to not only save batteries, but also cut down on the use of metal with his ingenious device. The hands of the clock are attached in circles to follow time while the empty face allows you to fill up the device by sliding in your favorite picture. Named Empty Time, the clock is truly innovative.

Solar powered clock

Designed by Vienna-based Vandasye design studio, the solar powered clock has been built for interior spaces so it has a large capacity to absorb solar energy. It has a backlit display and while the aesthetics may not be as high up there as other such timepieces, the large solar panel means that it harnesses a lot more energy than other clocks. Currently a prototype, it could be a while before it hits the market.

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