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Solar-powered LED lamps to harness green energy

LED lamps are brighter and more energy efficient than our ordinary incandescent lamps. The fact that they can save up to 80 percent energy is enough to make us prefer them for our houses. What if LED lamps are solar powered? Wouldn’t it be much better if we can save a little more of the energy that can be conserved for the well being of our universe? Here are some magnificent ideas for solar powered LED lamps that you can install at home and forget about atrocious electricity bills.


These bulbs can be installed at home if you have old plastic bottles lying around without any use, which you probably have in plenty. The colourful gadget can be attached to any plastic bottle and it works on 0.18W solar module cells. The plastic bottle has to be attached to the fixture and it gives about six hours of uninterrupted light. The light may not be very bright, but they are very sufficient as garden or a mood light. As it is a solar panel, they have to be let in the sun for sufficient charging before they can be used. They come in a variety of interesting colors and look very sophisticated and elegant.


Created by Mustafa Emre Olur, this solar powered light is known as Lightimus. Shaped like an hour glass, these beauties are shaped in such a way that one part of the design consists of solar panels and the other part contains LED lights. The part where the LED lights are located comes in varying glass shades which add to its overall appeal. They have to be kept under the sun for gathering energy with the solar panel side up. When the hourglass is turned upside down, the 12 LED lights turn on. It works for 8 hours when charged fully. For turning it off, you can place them upside down again.

Solar Spark Lamp

The spark lamp looks very sophisticated and fit for modern environments. This lamp has a WiFi system that can help you assess your energy consumption and notify you when you have gone overboard. When the consumption is high, the spark lamp shows red, yellow if you are right on target and green when you have done better than you expected. Once it announces your energy consumption chart, it lights up entirely, giving bright white illumination.


These lamps known as Sunnan are sleek and colorful and meant to be desk lamps. Sunnan lamps work for 4 hours when charged fully. A variety of vibrant shades are available to grace your desktop, depending on your mood and style choices. They are also excellent bed lamps for a kid’s room or for your bedroom. They also work well on vibrant areas of your living or dining room and can pep up the entire atmosphere with their minimalistic style quotient.

Solar Lampion

A creation by designer Damian O’Sullivan, this solar powered LED lamp can be used inside as well as outside, as a night lamp for your courtyard. They look very beautiful and the stunning geometric design that illuminates the entire atmosphere is very engaging and eye catchy as well. You can hang them in your garden where the sun’s rays are at its best and just forget about it until they show their illuminated face in the night. It contains 36 standard solar cells and one rechargeable battery.


This simple and elegant looking LED lamp emanates a subtle glow that is very soothing and relaxing to the eye and the mind. They have a serene quality about them that is tantamount to rest and peace. The lantern must be left upside down in the morning, to be charged under the sun. Turn it back on in the evening and you will be enlightened by its evening glow until you go to sleep in the cozy atmosphere.

Snake Light

The snake light, as the name suggests is a snake shaped LED light that is free standing, without the need for a socket or battery for charging it. It either comes with a solar charger that is in built or comes with a separate solar charger that can be used for charging multiple LED lamps. The wonderful thing about this lamp is that the neck can be twisted any way you like and can even be worn around the neck or hand or on a bicycle handle.

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