Solar-powered ‘Gravity Vehicle’ allows a safe and sustainable ride

gravity vehicle  02

Soaring fuel prices and unavailability of parking space are gonna be the major problems, especially in urban environment, for the people owning personal vehicles in the days to come. Providing a solution, Dutch designer Niek de Kort has conceived a vehicle concept dubbed the “Gravity Vehicle” that integrates photovoltaic panels to harness the solar power, and occupies very little space for parking as well. The single-seater also integrates flaps that pop out, as soon as you steer it, to support the single-wheeled vehicle. Once the vehicle is in motion, gravity does the rest to keep it balanced, even at high speed, on the road. Moreover, the futuristic vehicle ensures a stylish ride without compromising the comfort.

gravity vehicle  01
gravity vehicle  04
gravity vehicle  03

[Cheers Niek]

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