Solar-powered Cinco is furniture installation for the public

cinco 02

Walking down the street or marketplace for shopping or an evening stroll, we often look for a place other than those expensive restaurants, where we can sit and relax with family and friends. Addressing the issue, designer Helena Bueno teaming up with Heinz Muller has devised outdoor seating dubbed “Cinco” that not only offers a comfortable meeting point for pedestrians, but also allows the users go green with its eco-friendly design. Made of anodized aluminum, the urban furniture accommodates five people comfortably on the stools framed by rubber that move up and down with minimum fuss.

Moreover, the seating unit come incorporated with solar panels, covered by a thin layer of transparent UV Acrilite, to gather solar energy to provide power for the LED lamps located at the top of the unit. The solar panels gather energy during daytime to illuminate the place by LED lights at night. Ideal for public spaces, sidewalks, squares and touristic points, the Cinco provides a sustainable resting place to humanize the urban environment and make the cities a better place to live.

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[Thanks Helena]

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