Solar powered bus stops by Johann Paquelier

solar powered bus stop designs

Our careless ways of using resources has caused a lot of damage to the environment, which needs to be improved for the betterment of human race. With the introduction of eco friendly cars, transportation is witnessing a huge change in its approach, however, the real task still lies in making car owners leave their luxurious cars and use public transportation more often. This could be done by making bus stop designs appealing and environmentally sustainable. Here is a list of few solar powered bus stops.

1. Solar-powered bus stop

solar powered bus stops

Canadian research engineers at McMaster University have come up with a unique design of a bus stop that uses solar cell technology. The whole module is fitted at the curved roof of the bus stop and powers lighting systems at night. It also keeps the commuters well informed by displaying internet based transport updates.This system is powered using 90cm by 12cm flexible solar strips, containing 720 solar cells that produce 4.5W of power. It generates the same light as a 3W tungsten lamp and is highly efficient.

2. Solar Stop by Jae Pyung Lee

Multi-functional solar bus stop

Industrial designer Jae Pyung Lee has designed a green multifunctional solar powered bus stop named as the “Solar Stop.” It has various features like street lighting, LED indicators, air purifier, water vending machine etc. It is a high tech bus stop that provides Wi-Fi, charge station, touch screen and bill modifier facility to the passengers.The interiors of the bus stop are simple and elegant. It offers comfortable seating area with small table, spacious passageway and totally green furniture and fittings.

3. EyeStop

Solar-powered bus stop

Designed by the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, “EyeStop” is another modern technology based bus stop. Commuters at “EyeStop” get the facility of accessing internet, getting weather updates, watching news and surfing various social networking sites, like Facebook, to stay in touch with family and friends. The bus stop also has interactive maps that help commuters plan a bus trip. The most remarkable feature of “EyeStop” is its electric panel that glows to keep passengers aware of the approaching bus status. All the high-tech features of this bus stop use solar energy to operate, and therefore make it environmentally friendly.

4. Solar-powered wireless bus stops

Bus Stop Project by Gavin Harvey

The concept designed by Gavin Harvey uses latest technology, keeping in mind the ecological aspects. The energy generated by these bus stops could be effectively used to charge electric buses and cars. This wireless concept has four important parts including, power from national grid, the top up charger, the solar energy and remaining power from solar energy supplied to the grid.

5. Solar-powered bus stop by Johann Paquelier

Sustainable bus stop

A simple bus stop in the shape of a shelter has been designed by industrial designer Johann Paquelier. Three different designs have been proposed for the design of the shelter. In first two designs the roof of the shelter is made up of compound materials, making it lighter than a metal roof. Solar powered LED lights are attached to the roof. While, the third design has specifically been made for the smaller streets. It has longer common roof and LED lighting that are powered by solar panels mounted on the roof.

6. Informative Solar Bus Stop (PSI)

ied barcelona solar bus stop

Students from Istitutu Europeo di have designed an environmentally sustainable bus stop, known as PSI, in collaboration with the Capman S.L. Company. It is the first such environmentally friendly bus stop in Spain. The best feature of this bus stop is that it doesn’t release any harmful emissions and consumes only 70Wh/d in comparison to 1228Wh/d as used by the digital bus stops. It has an E-Ink display attached to it for displaying information and it is powered by solar energy.

7. Solar-powered bus stops in San Francisco

Solar-powered bus stops in San Francisco

These high tech bus stops, using solar energy to run LEDs and fully operational with Wi-Fi facilities, will soon form a part of San Francisco streets. The proposal to install 1100 solar-powered bus stops throughout the city is already in progress. The roofs of these bus stops have solar panels and these panels send back the unused energy to the grid.

8. Transit Shelter

Solar-powered Transit  bus stop

Transit Shelter, a secure and unique bus stop, has been created by Arato Designs, well known for its smart and stylish products. This bus stop is also powered by solar energy. It features a lofty structure with high ceiling and wide place. The most striking feature is its adjustable seating arrangement that flexes according to the number of passengers using it. Exterior can be used to display advertisements, and it provides a safe and secure place to rest in while waiting for a bus.

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