Solar-powered bus shelters with Wi-Fi goodness for San Francisco

solar powered bus shelter 1

Going green is the popular thing to do nowadays. Now, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is hoping to make commuters’ wait at the bus stops high-tech and sustainable. Pictured above is the first of the 1,100 solar powered bus shelters, which they want to install in the city by 2013. Featuring a red color roof of photovoltaic panels, these bus stops will exploit the sun’s rays to power the integrated intercom, LED lighting, and even wireless routers that offer c blanket of WiFi throughout the city. Designed by Lundberg Design and contracted through Clear Channel, the new shelters will have a roof made from an innovative 40% post-industrial recycled polycarbonate material fitted with thin-film photovoltaic cells. The steel structure is made from 75 percent recycled material. To top all these features, the bus stop also has a pushbutton update system and more space for transit information. The excess electricity generated will be sent back into the city’s grid.

Mayor Newsom said, “Transit shelters that use photovoltaics, LEDS, and WiFi are going to be standard in the future and I’m proud that San Francisco is once again acting like the pace car for other cities by trying and implementing these technologies.“.

solar powered bus shelter 2
solar powered bus shelter 3
solar powered bus shelter 4
solar powered bus shelter 5

Via: Inhabitat/Dvice/BoingBoing

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