Solar-powered beach tent plays music and keeps your beers cold

solar surf shelter
Beach enthusiasts are urged to take a very close look at this amazing surfing shelter, an absolute must-have for your seaside outings. The eye-catching concept design by Emma Harris has been specially planned for the British coast notorious for its wind speeds and lacking sun. Presenting an alternative to a traditional wind break or beach tent, the structure of the roof has an aerodynamic design which allows the wind to flow into the rear tunnel, where it helps run a turbine thereby helping generate wind energy besides providing shelter against high wind speeds.

solar surf shelter 2
The shelter’s eco-design features include photovoltaic fabric and to harnesses solar energy throughout the day along with charging points to juice your favorite beach going gadgets including an MP3 player and mobile phones. The shelter also becomes a sociable arena for having barbecue parties, sun bathing or just simple relaxation with friends and family.

solar surf shelter 3
solar surf shelter 4
solar surf shelter 5

[Cheers Emma Harris]

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