Solar lamp that lasts 8 hours

colorful mosaic glass solar lamp

A good news for all gadget lovers awaiting something new this summer. A unique Glass Solar Lamp has hit the market with an awesome mosaic design. The specialty to the lamp being the charging ability from the bright sunshine. And when sun sets, the lamp lights up automatically from the charging.

The size of Glass Solar Lamp is small. It is portable and has no wiring, no plug in and plug outs. Besides saving your energy, the light has everything that can make you feel relaxed. Unlike other lamps, the Glass Solar Lamp is a multi-colored one. The three LED screens fixed inside the lamp projects red, green and blue colors. Further, the colors change randomly and create a relaxing environment. You need not worry about the charging also as it can last over eight hours.

While it becomes a masterpiece during the night time creating soothing light, you cannot ignore its beauty in the day time too. The finishing of the glass lamp is class to be frank. The crystal like look makes it an attractive piece even when it doesn’t beam light. This lamp will suit in any kind of decor. While it adds beauty with its design in your showcase in day time, it will be very useful when you relax in your garden. It can be used as bed lamp too.

If you have doubts like–what to do with this lamp when the sun doesn’t dare to peep out of clouds? Well, you don’t have to worry about it. Just place a candle inside the lamp. Yes, Glass Solar Lamp acts as candle lamp too. Gift the wonder lamps to your friends or family members and surprise to the core. You don’t need deep pockets to purchase Glass Solar Lamp. For more details about price you can visit China Vision, the company that produces these lights.

Source: China Vision

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