Solar Eclipse on your wrist will make you know the time

When people all around the world freeze for a moment in the deep darkness and graveyard hush of eclipse, there are imaginative people like Timur, the designer of the watch that we will be discussing here, who take inspiration from such wonderful events and amaze world with their creativity. Timur from Kyrgyzstan says that the timepiece has been designed taking inspiration from the rare and beautiful natural phenomena of solar eclipse.

Watch Design That Eclipses Time

The timepiece will be loved by those who like to stand out of the crowd by making their own bold style statement. The beautiful watch displays time in two colors i.e. red and blue. Red color is used to represent the hour hand and blue for the minute hand. The passage of time is reflected in blue and red flowers on a black dial. You have to tap its black face to make the time appear in form of eclipse.

The main difference in time presentation of Eclipse Time and other timepieces lies in the fact that here time is estimated by change in shades like an eclipse. The design is expected to grab a lot attention and appreciation but the only concern that may hinder its popularity is the accuracy issue.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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