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Solar Charger Messenger Bag to juice up your gadgets on the move

Today’s tech driven society just cannot do without electronic devices and virtually use smartphones, tablets and laptops all around the clock. Your work would totally come to a halt if your electronic devices run dry. Keeping this in mind, products that can power up gadgets even when people are on the run are becoming popular. One such product is the Solar Charger Messenger Bag that can power up your electronic devices on the go.

Solar Charger Messenger Bag

Made out of PVC, this messenger bag embeds a 2200 mAh Battery. The bag actually has a solar panel that stays on a full charge all the time. So, you now have a fully charged battery at your disposal all the time. You will be able to power up almost every electronic gadget with this bag that has multiple adapter tips. Plus, the flaps and pockets inside help you arrange all your stuff neatly.

Wondering if the product will come handy, just browse through a few details to be sure. Around 8 to 10 hours will be required to power up the solar battery and about two hours will be sufficient if you are using a USB cable. The bag can charge smartphones from HTC, Blackberry, Apple and so on. Its six adapters that are compatible with iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab also embraces products manufactured by Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia among others.

Make sure that you can carry the bag around easily and fit all your gear in it. The dimensions of the messenger bag are 38 cms, 30 cms and 4 cms along the sides. While, edges of the solar panel stand at 13.5cms and 17cms. Priced at $38, the package will also contain a connector cable, USB charging cable and a user manual.

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