The Solar Bikeport is a great combination of form and functionality

The world is embracing the “Go Green” slogan like never before and every effort is being made to save the world from the clutches of pollution. To keep the atmosphere in a pristine state, rides are being tweaked in a way that they use electricity instead of gas to get all the power. A solar company from Windsor, named Green Sun Rising, has come up with an intriguing design that will harness energy from the sun. Christened the Solar Bikeport, it will help charge E bikes parked under it.

The Solar Bikeport

The Solar Bikeport is a solar photovoltaic product that comes smothered in modernity. It has an attention grabbing design, which is simple yet fully functional. The complete has been crafted out of aluminum, giving it a smooth finish and the much required lightness and durability. It is a great amalgamation of form and function, which will definitely leave people impressed with its usefulness. The Solar Bikeport has a curved roof that has been wedged with three solar modules. These thin film modules are supple and produce over 200 Watt of energy, which is sufficient to charge the battery of an E bike when it is bright and sunny outside.

The Solar Bikeport

The design comes fitted with a storage battery, which will help charge batteries of E bikes during times when the sun doesn’t shine. Apart from charging your eco friendly bike, the Solar Bikeport will protect the vehicle from harsh sun rays as well as rain. It also features two Watt LED lamps that will provide enough light to illuminate the bikeport when dusk sets in. This will make it easy to unlock the E bike without any struggle which may arise if the place is dark. The Solar Bikeport is sure special and its functionality is worth applauding.

Via: Ret-center

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