Solar benches to light up the future

Many people prefer the night when the world is quiet and the stars blanket the sky. They would rather immerse themselves in solitude under the cover of darkness than confront the bustle of the day. After a hard day’s work and before reaching home, some people like to stop at a bench and relax, maybe read a book or listen to their iPod. The problem is finding a good light source that helps these people go about their favorite activity with ease and not strain their eyesight under limited light.

Solar bench

The solar bench was conceptualized by Voda Design, who is a designer from the Ukraine involved in furniture, industrial and interior design. The designer thought of combining the role of street lights with benches. This kind of lighting could lead to the construction of bench lit spaces marked as zones, where people can read in the evenings, work on their hobbies or play on their laptops.

According to the concept, the light emitting lamps are powered by solar batteries. The batteries are built into the bench case to absorb sunlight to convert into energy. The bench depends on green energy and is energy-saving, eliminating the need to connect the bench to the city’s power lines. Since the bench does not have any restrictive requirements, the freedom to place the bench anywhere is a given as long as it has access to sunlight.

The bench provides an additional service. The energy produced and stored in the solar batteries can be used for charging a laptop or an MP3 player in the daytime, when the lamp is not in use.

The designer intends for the control panel and other outlets for devices to be placed on the side of the bench case, allowing for easy access and use. The bench is constructed from plastic and is available in two unique, futuristic forms. These “smart” benches appear trendy, but show many characteristics of a design from a sci-fi movie with their smoothness and sleek lines. These benches could change the modern urban environment, pleasing many with their style and functionality.

Via: Behance

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