SOGO: Furniture to your Desire

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Furniture seldom fits in the affordable category these days and matters become worse when you have the kind of job that keeps throwing you places. But then you can choose be smarter especially when you have people like Siddarth Kamble to help you. His multi-facet furniture dubbed the SOGO chooses what you want it to be, that is, it becomes the furniture of your desire. That is how beautiful geometry can be and effectual as well when applied to a thought like this. SOGO is a moulded plywood stool which can be your chess table, a cabinet or even a good base for your laptop. It even does well when used as a center table for your living room. The smart thought ensures that you don’t have to carry around giant furniture when you shift work bases or apartments when you are an out of town student.

[Source: Skambe]

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