Sofa for Cell Phone cozies up the charging experience for your beloved communicator

Sofa Cellphone Charger & Mount Concept

I love my cell phone. I certainly can’t live without it. I get withdrawal when my cellphone has to be switched off or its batteries die out on me. And yes, if I ever had to choose between leaving my boyfriend and my cellphone, I am a 100 percent sure I’d tell myself no man is worth the pain of living without my mobile! Five years ago, they’d have called me an exception and a shallow tech freak, today, I am the rule! Yes folks, we are all hopelessly addicted to technology now and our cellphones have become an extension of our selves. But this unique charger takes that love of communicators to the next level.

Designer Lee Jung Hoon presents the Sofa cell phone charger. It’s basically a desk top charger where you can dock your phone when batteries are running low, but it comes with the philosophy of making your cellphone “feel loved and comforted”. Eerie thought at first; but once you realize that your cellphone is really more like your alter ego and you spend more time with it than you do with your loved ones, it makes the concept definitely less creepy.

The whimsical charger dock is fashioned in the style of a comfortable sofa that evokes the visual emotion of resting. Not that the designer is suggesting that cellphones have rights to that effect or something, but it does humanize the gadget to a large extent. The handy sofa also doubles up as a nice dock that allows handsfree operation and you can even tilt the phone in the sofa to facilitate a better viewing angle for the display.

The idea may freak out your less-sensitive dates. But hey, if it is acceptable for hotrodders to kiss their cars goodnight, it should be acceptable for us mobile lovers to want our gadgets to be comfortable too!

[Thanks Lee Jung]

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