Social Soundmachine interactive tabletop brings like minded musicians together

Created in collaboration with industrial designers, music producers and DJ’s, the Social Soundmachine by designer Ramon Schreuder of design studio Lewis & Davis is an interactive tabletop, which can be used by many people to create musical tracks together. Just like an interactive game, the Social Soundmachine opens up new possibilities for creative collaboration that lets people feel greatly inspired by their friends while spurring spontaneous conversations. With a social function at its heart, the Social Soundmachine brings people together in a world where face-to-face interactions are getting rare and everyone is digitally connected.

Social Soundmachine

To enable the interactive tabletop to locate physical objects and uniquely identify them on its surface, the multi-touch setup of the Social Soundmachine uses Direct Illumination that sits atop a custom made tabletop. The main hardware components of the sound maker include a unique set of special “barcodes” (fiducials) integrated within the underside of the game pieces, infrared illuminators , a custom developed projection surface, a digital video projector, a notebook and a FireWire camera.

The surprising musical building blocks of the interactive tabletop have been sourced from multiple genres and each high-quality sound bit has been contributed by various DJ’s and producers in collaboration with each bit of audio content being specially composed for the project. Developed by Javeline’s Rik Arends, a multimedia framework called FlowML forms the foundation of the application.

The interactive tabletop is designed to make any user feel like a real music professional in no time, which is made possible by the collaborative experience that is very intuitive and accessible. The interaction with physical objects provides the ultimate fun to the Social Soundmachine and since the custom-made software lets sounds stay in rhythm and tune, you don’t have to worry about sounding awful at all.

At the Dutch Design Awards 2009, the Social Soundmachine was short listed as one of the finalists and is even exhibited across the globe at numerous galleries and events including Amsterdam-based Holland Casino’s restyled Lido Club where a “DJ Game” on a basic adaptation of the Social Soundmachine can be played by visitors who have to pre-book the Multitouch DJ tables at the public-accessible gig.

The Lewis & Davis studio in Amsterdam also provides a physical demonstration of the Social Soundmachine to serious fans, event producers and curators. The jury that presided over the finals of the Dutch Design Awards was treated to the possibilities of the Social Soundmachine via this awesome demo video.

Source: Social Sound Machine

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