Seven social media devices to enjoy mobile networking

social media devices

The technology is growing fast and we all are living in a new age. Man developed many things that can be useful in our daily life. There are many devices that are being used for entertainment. Social networking has become a part of our daily life and it is simplified to be able to use by mobiles. Here are 7 social media devices to enjoy mobile networking.

1. Xbox 360

Xbox 360

It is a wonderful social networking device to enjoy your time. But, now minors are going to face a problem in Xbox 360. The upcoming features on Xbox 360 will not be authorized to people under 18. They may be restricted to use Twitter, Facebook and It will create a big difference when it comes to the world as there are many minor people who use social networking sites regularly. The aim behind this restriction is to provide maximum browsing security to children who are under 18. But, the actual application is being used by minors also.

2. Pogoplug


Here is a standard device that is low in price and will enable you to buy easily. It will enable your own file server with high range of storing capacity and you will show a special presence on web. You can connect the device to Wi-Fi or Ethernet to access it. It is best to enjoy much of interesting features which are starting from media streaming end ends in cloud printing. It can be accessed through a wide range of smart phones. The design of the device may be least impressive. Also some of the features do not work properly. Still it remains as an easily accessible file sharing device to be used all over the web. It also provides better video playback facility in 3G or 4G networks.

3. T-mobile myTouch 3G

T-mobile myTouch 3G

T-mobile myTouch 3G hit the world with its attractive design and award winning facilities. It has a gorgeous and its controls are tactile. The user interface is customizable and the important thing is that it is easy to use. One of the drawbacks is it does not support contacts synchronization and don’t have a file manager option. T-mobile myTouch 3G is helpful to boost the Google android operating systems. The best thing you will notice about the phone is its eye catching design itself. Also the call sound quality is good.

4. Lighthouses SQ7

Lighthouses SQ7

Lighthouses SQ7 is a wonderful social media device to have fun and enjoy your time as well. It is available for about $250. We cannot say that it is of too low cost. Also it is not fair to say that the price is too high as the facilities are much. It has a 7 inches display with 800 X 480 screen resolution besides being a resistive touch screen. It allows that storage of 1 GHz and the primary memory is 128 MB. The operating system is custom Ubuntu and the maximum battery usage per one complete use of its full charge is 5 hours which is an average.

5. Flip Mino

Flip Mino

Flip Mino introduced in the market with its stylish design and its interesting functionality which creates more and more fans. One of the interesting and amazing things is that you can design the cover of the device using your own ideas and images. The website allows designing the graphics on the body of the device and you can order it. You can capture high definition video. It has 4 GB built in memory and you can connect it to your laptop easily. Buttons are touch-sensitive with stylish design. The new feature included is image stabilization. Also the file managing is quite easy as you can drag files to one folder to another easily.

6. Roku Player

Roku Player

One of the satisfied product features is that it provides 30 days money back guarantee. From this we can realize that the device will make you satisfy certainly. It is one of the best streaming players in the market with no monthly subscriptions. Roku can be connected to your TV or Wi-Fi home network and there is no need of computers. You can easily manage the videos by a remote control. Roku player is designed stylish and simple. There are about 100,000 movies to choose from as per your mood and if you feel bored play interesting games on Roku.

7. Ooma Hub

Ooma Hub

Ooma Hub is a social media device with many facilities that you will enjoy. One of the most important facilities in Ooma hub is the cheap calls even international with interesting functions. The voice clarity is fine and also you can access voice mails with a single touch. Most calls are free of cost. It also allows ‘do not disturb’ service and anonymous call blocking.

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