Soccer-inspired USB gadgets for sporty geeks

In this era, creativity and technology have no limits. What do you get when they both get together? You get something unusual that is hard to find and all you could do is stare with wide opened eyes and say “It is so crazy”. We are going to show you some of the examples of this amazing combination of creativity and technology. Let’s look at some of the soccer-inspired USB gadgets made specially for sporty geeks:

USB whistle jewelry flash drive

Are you a soccer fan? Do you feel that the ref does not take the right decision when you sit on the couch and watch a match? Well, now you can take match into your own hands, or your own lips if we say precisely. Here is a USB flash drive shaped in the form of a soccer referee’s whistle having a football symbol on both the sides. The whistle also has jewels embedded on it. The elegant Soccer whistle USB drive has the capacity to store 4 GB of data.

USB soccer webcam

Are you such a kind of person who loves soccer so much that you smile every time you see a football? Well, then this gadget is definitely your call. Look your best when you are chatting with your friends on webcam. This football designed webcam will keep you smiling when you are on air. The cam has a 360 degrees rotatable head.

Soccer ball USB hub

The for sporty computer geeks, the soccer ball USB hub is a must have. This USB hub gives you the ability to access four USBs at a time. The hub closes to look like a real round football, though plastic. By pressing the button on the top of the ball you can get the access to the four USB ports where you can insert your flash drives. This amazing sporty USB hub can be yours at a little price of $ 10.

Mini soccer USB fan with flexible goose neck

Now get some cool air while you work on your PC or laptop for prolonged hours. But you have to watch today’s final match in the evening. Well, the soccer designed mini fan will remind you of that. The fan gets its power via USB port of your laptop/PC. The fan has a flexible goose neck so that it can be adjusted at different angles. The fan has an on/off switch to use the fan only if you need it. The fan’s blades are made of plastic to prevent the danger of getting injured.

USB soccer massager

With innovation at every level, technology understands that you get tired by sitting for long hours in front of your PC/laptop. For this, the USB soccer massager has been designed just for you. The massager can give you massage on your tired shoulders or arms or legs while you work on your computer or watch world cup. The massager is small and portable. It is easy to use too. The gadget has an on/off switch to use it only if it is needed. There are four massage feet so that there are multiple contact points of the massager on your body, rather than a single contacting point in conventional massagers.

USB fidget soccer

You are a good employee and you have done all the tasks given by your boss. Now you are getting bored in the office and all you can do is fidget. Well, the USB fidget soccer can help you to kick your boredom. Attach to your PC and the harder you press the ball on the gadget the harder the ball will go across the screen. Fun time passing gadget for the sporty geeks.

World Cup USB twin

The World Cup USB twin is a gadget you will wonder to have. The gadget comprises of a USB attachable mouse which can be used with your PC/laptop. Not only this, it has something hidden too. The mouse has another cover which when attached to the tiny mouse makes it larger in shape so that it can be easily used. The larger cover also has the design of world cup and is expected to come in varied designs in the coming times. If you want to keep your mouse simple, use the tiny mouse. If you are bored with the simplicity and want some stylish design on the mouse, just use the cover. It is as simple as that.

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