Soak: A portable dishwasher that saves space and water


Growing population in cities has cut down the size of apartments, which makes it a real task to squeeze all the necessary products in the space provided. Dishwasher is one of the most important units required in a kitchen and deleting it from the list would mean cleaning dishes with hand. This would in turn consume extra time, water and effort, which is lethal in this fast-paced world. Keeping all these things in mind, Dante Bonfante has designed a portable dishwasher named Soak.

Soak will stylishly replace the everyday space-consuming dishwasher. The portable product has a round design that will conveniently fit in the sink and will do all the washing. It is easy to remove and is perfect for those who don’t use a lot of dishes on a daily basis. Soak has been fitted with an aerator system, which will push water quite hard, making sure that the dishes are cleaned efficiently. Apart from this, the system makes sure that no wastage occurs in terms of water usage, which in turn saves clean water for other household chores.

Steam is created inside the dishwasher by turning the hot water on. A user can easily select the wash size mode with help of buttons present on the design. Using different water cycles will clean the dishes in various directions, hence removing all the food particles from the dishes. Soak features perforation holes that drain debris and water. They are separated from the sink by rubber feet, which help maintain the flow. The in-sink use design saves space and the presence of a flexible silicone dish rack is all the more impressive. So, save water and space in your kitchen with the Soak portable dishwasher.

Via: Behance

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