Soak for hours in the creamy and bubbly foam spa that always stays hot

Who doesn’t enjoy a long soak in their bath tub? Well, if you are mad about bath products and stylish washrooms, then the latest breakthrough from Japanese designer Kenya Hara will leave you absolutely floored. This innovative bath tub has been designed for the LIXIL, a renowned company manufacturing kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The concept termed as foam spa is totally groovy and groundbreaking.

Foam spa

Hot bath water turning cold in your tub is a killjoy. But, you still have to put up with this hitch, as there is no way out. But looks like a new bathing concept has come out with a solution. In the new bath, foam is created by the inventive technique of mixing air with hot water. A foam generating unit creates bubbly suds that maintain the temperature of your bath. The foam created forms the top cover and prevents hot water from getting cold and also doesn’t let any steam escape out. Also, hot water is recovered periodically in this bath. So, you can easily keep up the temperature of this bath.

Moreover, the froth created by the bath is absolutely different from the soapy foam of other ordinary soaps. The suds of this bath are extra creamy and velvety. Dunking in them will be a heady experience. Also, you can move the bath tub outside the bathroom anytime. You can place it inside any other room or even a private terrace or garden. Hence, with Foam Spa, you can unwind in style and feel the bliss. Also, if you have a luxurious bathroom with lavish accessories then this tub that generates a buttery smooth lather is just what you need to complete the lush setup.

Via: Design Boom

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