Be it snow, slush and sand, there is no stopping for Burton Malamute vehicle

The Burton Malamute Concept by designer Fernando Palma Fanjul has been developed as a project for a masters level automobile design program at Barcelona’s Escola Elisava. The project aims at serving as a new kind of all-terrain vehicle. The vehicle looks to provide an ideal mode of transportation that could traverse through sand, ice and other kind of natural off-track roads that one may encounter while engaging in recreational off-roading or as a part of a search and rescue mission.

Burton Malamute Concept

At the forefront of the design lies a strong need to provide the people traveling in the vehicle with optimum security since they would be using the vehicle in less than perfect conditions. Also, since the vehicle would be engaged in activities that place a strong emphasis on practicality or even tactical advantage, the Burton Malamute Concept comes fitted with special mechanisms that enable it to be used to any kind of soil and track conditions.

To ensure a wide range of usage, the Burton Malamute Concept is designed to allow its driver or passenger full freedom of movement. Since the vehicle is designed for extreme weather and terrain, it can also be used as an exploration vehicle that can be used in places that are not accessible via other means of transport.

The agile and aerodynamic body of the Burton Malamute Concept is supported by a rear mounted engine that provides adequate thrust to its irregularly shaped rear wheels. Up front, the vehicle is fitted with two skis that can navigate through snow, slush or even sand with greater ease than any other vehicle with regular wheels. Since the skis are developed in a way that they mimic the movement of a skier’s feet, the Burton Malamute Concept can travel through sand and snow with less turbulence. The Burton Malamute Concept is designed to seat up to three people in the cabin and the space at the vehicle’s rear end can be used to haul cargo.

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