Snork: A Crocheted chair with tentacles to hold the remote!

crocheted chair
You can file this story under ‘Fashion’, but I would personally put this only under the ‘Weird and yucky’. This apparently is a crocheted easy chair named Snork comes with tentacles that allow you to put your favorite stuff in to those gigantic tentacles so that you need not hold on to them. If you ask me though, I would much rather hold on to the remote or any bottles containing drinks rather than sit in one of these. It is like an organism with moulds coming out of its entire body. It looks more like a weird coral structure than a chair to me.

I’m sorry if I ruined the whole wonderful experience of this chair for someone, but I really do not like the idea. The chair is apparently made out of wool and it has a very comfortable seating at the center (Which I would never know from a picture, so I cannot vouch for it). It is designed by Patricia Yasmine Graf and the only way I would ever have bought this thing is if it were designed and personally autographed by Steffi Graf. Even that is a long shot, to say the least.
snork 2

The dimensions of this cozy chair with tentacles are 100 cm x 110 cm x 50 cm and so it will probably fit in most living rooms. Since it is a unique piece I suppose each of these chairs will come in different vibrant colors and there will be few of these. So what is the price that you need to pay for this? Apart from having to live with it, we actually have no idea how much this chair would suck out of your bank account. But if you really want to get one of these, then I guess you better hurry.


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