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Snooze Cube: A perfect gift to wake you up while traveling

Waking up early in the morning is one thing that most of us are very reluctant to do. We are always looking forward to those last five minutes of sleep every day, even after the clock has struck the morning alarm we usually hit the snooze button and tend to sleep again. British designer Thomas Mascall’s Snooze Cube is a perfect present for the morning as you can take out your frustration on it by throwing it about in the morning. Such an act will not let you sleep again and will surely wake you up.

Snooze Cube

The Snooze Cube is designed as a small travel alarm clock, having a rechargeable battery. The most significant quality that this clock is endowed with is that it is almost indestructible. It can be banged down, tossed about in order to holdup the alarm for a set amount of time. Such a thing is a greeting for those who get blue, just at the very thought of getting up early in the morning. However, this aggression towards an object is not always necessary, as the snooze can also be activated just by a simple knock of the alarm clock at the side table for getting up peacefully in the morning. The alarm can be deactivated and reset again for the next morning, with the help of a button veiled under a flap at the back of the clock.

Snooze Cube

The exterior of the clock is made up of stiff silicone, which not only provides a strong grip for the user but also makes it shock and fall resistant, thus protecting all the inner electronic parts. All elements of the clock can be adjusted like its volume, time and the duration of snooze preferred with the buttons concealed behind the flap at the back from where they are easily accessible.

Source: Mascdesign

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