Snake Road motorcycle concept to bite the road in style

snake road motorcycle  05

Inspired by Daniel Simon, a German concept designer and automotive futurist best known for his visionary book Cosmic Motors, and the imperial speeder bike of Star Wars Films, Belgian designer Delussu Bruno has developed a motorcycle concept, which draws its name, the Snake Road, from its form that resembles a cobra. Featuring a closed form for improved aerodynamics, the futuristic motorbike is finished in fiberglass to make it sturdy but at the same time lightweight. The traditional speedometer and internal combustion engine gives it a retro look. Instead of upfront body posture, the rider needs to lie on the bodywork like a racing bike. Though there is no word on the steering system, still the Snake Road seems to offer a powerful ride for avid bikers.

snake road motorcycle  01
snake road motorcycle  02
snake road motorcycle  03
snake road motorcycle  04

[Thanks Delussu]

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