SmartCart offers an ecological and more practical way of shopping

smart cart 01

Presenting a minimalist design, Brazilian Designer Mauricio Noronha has popped up an avant-garde shopping cart that offers a faster, more practical and ecological way of shopping in the malls. Entitled the “SmartCart,” the shopping cart can be used either with the EcoBag – the normal basket, or the Peanut – the personal bag. Finished in Ecoprene, the Peanut apart from being attached to the shopping cart to reduce the need of plastic bags also becomes a personal side bag. The bag with hard base and soft top and sides reduces its size for easy storage. Moreover, the ergonomic bag maintains the temperature of the food stuff as well as drinks until you reach home. The SmartCart not only adds simplicity and practicality to your shopping but also helps in adapting an eco and healthier lifestyle.

smart cart  02
smart cart  04
smart cart  03
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[Cheers Mauricio]

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