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Smart pouf rolls out a blanket for a cozy nap

This smart pouf will make the coziest footrest ever. Are you wondering how? Whenever you rest your feet on a piece of furniture, notice how you always fumble around for a cover to keep them warm. Moreover, if you habitually snuggle up when you read a book or sip on a cup of hot cocoa, then you must look at the Collerette convertible blanket pouf crafted by the French design studio Les M.

Roll Up Blanket Chair

You can cover up in the comfortable blanket when you are getting chilly or want to take a snooze. The soft fabric of the blanket will feel great. The polyurethane foam padding in the blanket keeps you sufficiently warm. Just sit on a comfortable sofa, unfurl the soft coverlet, and bundle up. Cozying up by the fireplace will be a lot more fun with this piece. You can also settle down easily in front of the TV when you are watching a thrilling flick.

Roll Up Blanket Chair

The blanket rolled up on the pouf serves a purpose even when you have not wrapped it around. Its coiled form supports the back adequately when you sit down. Furthermore, it looks quite neat even when the blanket is rolled up. The dapper looking piece blends easily with your hi-end decor. It will surely make an impression on your guests.

The pouf has been manufactured for Casamania, an Italian furniture label. The fabulous piece was unveiled during the 2012 Milan design week at Salone Del Mobile. No one will be able to tell that the dapper piece can turn into a snuggly bedding whenever you feel like taking a nap. Additionally, a pouf that doubles up as a footrest is definitely a handy addition in any house. This is really a fun way to get cozy.

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