Smart boombox by Matt Keeter

Boombox is a rare word in the present phase. But there is one person who has actually reinvented the entire idea of boomboxes along with the best of inclusions and cool ideas. Matt Keeter wanted to carry his music and so he came up with the idea of boombox under $100.


He used simple materials but an innovative technique for designing this compact thing which is making waves all across. The concept behind Matt Keeter’s boombox revolves around tools and methods of a usual fab lab playing out music via a SD card supported by a 9 V single battery.

Matt began modeling the boombox with the help of cardboard; later, it was covered with wood by using a laser cutter. This design lets the stereo to be stuck together like the joints getting glued. But all of this is done with extra precaution. Talking about the internal components, the boombox has a custom PCB, which works on ATmega328, and a SD card. The ATmega328 is a decoder for MP3. Also there is a D/A chip with a shifter that converts 5 V to 3.3 V as required by SD card and the decoder.

The control board is a two-sided PCB manufactured as per Modela. The symmetry of the board marks easy flipping and fit. The control scheme is a great feature in the boombox. The capacitive touch input buttons are present on the top while being wired to the control board. There are five capacitive buttons fitted on the front panel. Below the panel is a copper pad. This copper pad is fixed to the input segment.

Taking a note of the audio amplification there isn’t much work associated with that. The circuitry of the amplifier is taken from David Mellis’s fab speakers with a bit of shrinking by relaying out the board.

The retroinspired case is one of a kind. Nested in an octahedral prism like structure, this fab module is parametric. Prototyping of this cardboard is hence easy particularly because of the variable material thickness that lets one rebuild the parts. The case is finally designed with the help of a laser cutter. This involves wood fabrication. The fitting of boombox is awesome and sturdy so the thing stays right in place even without the use of any glue. Just a few pieces of the boombox are glued for the sake of security otherwise everything else is right in place.

The final case was fabricated on a laser cutter from 0.208″ wood. The snap fits were all just fine, and the whole thing mostly stays together without glue. A few of the diagonal pieces are glued in place for security. Otherwise the system is absolutely portable.


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