Small garden design ideas for compact homes

Garden landscaping often comes out as a challenge, especially when you are planning to grow some exquisite flowers and plants in a limited gardening space. A big gardening space works wonders for designing your garden more intricately, but having little space or no space should not act as a constraint to a passionate gardener. If you plan it right, you can make an evergreen garden out of a super small yard space or even a narrow strip of sideways gravels. From incredible container garden to beautiful patio garden, here are some scintillating garden design ideas to welcome some greenery in your house.

Container Herb Garden

In case you want to bring in more greenery to your backyard or balcony, installing a container garden is the perfect way to do it. Its easy-to-use methodology will make your gardening work simpler. All you have to do is buy your favorite indoor plants, some potting mix, a few large containers and some herbs. For darker spaces, choose plants that can cope up with moist and humid temperature. You can go for colored varieties or edible flowery plants like nasturtiums for indoor gardening.

Bottle gardens

Bottle gardens look amazingly beautiful and they lend enough hint of greenery to the house. They are quite easy to maintain and take very less gardening space. To make your own bottle garden, you need some transparent bottle jars, sand, sprayers, tweezers, soil, seeds and a long thick stick. Your jar should be large in size because large jars allow healthy plant growth. Grow your favorite indoor plants in a bottle and make sure to water the soil regularly.

SR Patio Garden

Gardening is a best way to connect to the nature, so don’t let limited yard space take away the pleasure of cherishing nature’s beauty. Those who enjoy gardening can try out Scout Regalia’s SR patio garden design idea. These gardens feature a ready to use garden bed that could be set anywhere from balconies to patios. It saves space as it is freestanding and since it comes with an efficient drainage system, you don’t have to worry about the problem of overwatering your plants. The preassembled garden costs $185 and the DIY kit can cost up to $ 95.

Gardens with small trees

Given the limited gardening space, it is essential to choose tress that are perfectly supported by the environs of your garden or they could die within weeks. For smaller garden, trees with a height of not more than 30ft should be selected. Similarly grow ornamental plants, large shrubs, and smaller flowery plants like Lady North cliff if you don’t have enough space for your garden. Plants like Arbutus Unedo that change color with change in the season will also provide varied look to your garden every fall.

Landscap small garden

Don’t complicate things in your garden with complex small garden design ideas. Make sure plants, flowers and trees all share harmony and help in exquisite designing of your garden. Therefore, before growing any plants or formulating any challenging plans ensure that you are well acquainted with the basic gardening etiquette. For instance, keep the plants organized on the basis of their relationship with sunlight. Those who demand limited sunlight must be kept away from the place where constant sunlight reaches. In order to create a visual treat, use larger pots, tracks, plastic umbrellas, benches and other stylish yet functional garden accessories.

Nicholsons Garden Design ideas

Whether you have a sufficient gardening space for planting varied plants or not, paying attention to even the slightest of the details and meticulously utilizing the spare space would be enough to do the trick. If you are looking for an inspiration or seeking a professional who can transform your little yard into something green and flowery, go check out Liz Nicholson’s website. Nicholson garden design ideas work on the principle of cleverly utilizing the strength of every landscape and converting it into something desirable.

Innovative Mobile Garden

This super innovative mobile garden is designed in a polyethylene container shaped like a small bathtub with small wheels to impart mobility and portability. This garden is an ultimate option for homes with no gardening space. Polyethylene prevents the planter from collapsing or having any moisture leakage. It also allows sufficient airflow that further eliminates any chances of mold or fungus growth.

Veggie garden design

If you are passionate about gardening but can’t go for it because of small backyard than opting for this veggie garden design would surely make you feel good. Not only will it induce a greener look to your house, but this incredibly designed garden will also rejuvenate your outdoor as well as indoor with a close to nature feel. It is ideal for homes with small and compact gardening space. Moreover, you also get to enjoy the taste of veggies you have grown in your small backyard.

Modern Garden Design by Amir Schlezinger

Gardening can’t be more fun and entertaining if you know how to induce the innovative ideas to your small backyard space. You can take a cue from the dramatic gardening designs created by the famous UK based designer Amir Schlezinger. Use of garden accessories and plants that can easily grow on your walls will beautifully blend with your little space and could make your garden look wider.

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