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City life comes packed with people, which has further deleted the size of living spaces. Compact dwellings means people have to cut down on the size of various rooms, which even includes the bathroom area. But, with so many modern bathroom accessories i

Small bathroom design ideas for compact city apartments

City life comes packed with people, which has further deleted the size of living spaces. Compact dwellings means people have to cut down on the size of various rooms, which even includes the bathroom area. But, with so many modern bathroom accessories it becomes impossible to escape the urge to fit everything irrespective of the limited space. Keeping the soaring demands in mind, modern designs make sure that the available space is utilized in a clever manner, which will make the bathroom sparkle with utility features. Below is a list of small bathroom design ideas, which will be perfect for compact city apartments.

90 Degree bathtub

90 Degree bathtub has been designed by Ethan Lai and will stand in an upright manner. This multifunctional design will utilize vertical space, letting a user shower, bathe and even take a shower. 90 Degree bathtub looks like an iron and has a movable glass facade. The top part of this transparent glass has a vent that will make sure a person is able to breathe normally while inside the vertical bathtub. It has been wedged with touch sensitive buttons, which are water resistant. A drainage hole is present at the bottom of the design, which will prevent water blockage. It will save space, while people savor the fun of standing in a shower without the fear of getting slipped.

Bathroom concept by Zahir Khan

Bathroom concept by Zahir Khan comes coated with minimalism. It will prove to be just the right thing for people staying in small apartments, who don’t want to compromise on the bathroom setup. The design has been blessed with a fresh and orderly appearance, which comprises of a shower, bathtub and the toilet. This bathroom concept is fully functional and will bow down to all the needs of a user that too without occupying a lot of space.

User-Friendly Bathroom by Simon R. Pestridge

A small shower space always poses some or the other kind of trouble when it comes to cleaning feet while standing inside the provided space. This can prove to be risky as slipping can cause injuries when there is nothing to hold on to. Keeping all these troubles in mind, Simon R. Pestridge has come up with an ingenious design that combines the main shower with an external seating space. This seat has been attached with an external shower head, which will make sure that your feet don’t get ignored while cleaning rest of the body. The seat can also be used to clip nails or do a pedicure in a comfortable way. The design will gel well with cramped spaces that are a result of small apartments.


3X3 concept by Hyun Jin Park will swap small spaces into spectacular bathrooms. The design is module based and ranks high on the functionality graph. The design will unfurl the benefits of both a bathroom as well as a dressing room, without making a user realize the limited space it is placed in. The bathtub in the design can be turned around 360 degrees, which will show or hide the cabinet, shower, toilet and washstand, according to the needs of a user. This can be done by selecting functions with the help of control panels wedged both at the inner and outer wall. The cubical design will be welcomed with open arms by small apartment residents and will be loved because of its amazing functionality.

Yonoh Box

It is time the bathrooms went modular with the Yonoh Box, designed by a Valencia based studio. The design comprises of various parts, which will make shower time truly enthralling. One of the parts includes a washbasin and water closet, the other comprises of a two shelves with towel racks, a shower and a seat. The last one is an expansion unit, which will extend the bathroom and comes with extra storage space. The presence of electronic controls for the faucet informs about the water temperature and also tells the amount of water that has been used. Yonoh Box, with its seductive appeal, will manage to woo many and give an all new meaning to compact spaces.

Aquatic Thermal Bathroom

Fetching heavy inspiration from Hamman (Turkish variant of steam bath) is Aquatic Thermal bathroom. It has been designed by Didem Hazinedar and will soak the user with a tranquil experience. It is a fine blend of modern designing and traditional way of not just cleaning the body, but also cleansing the soul. It will allow the user to flexibly sit, stand or even open arms, which will unfurl a completely relaxed environment. The space saving shower can be adjusted and the presence of water jets will lend a therapeutic effect. Apart from this, the awesome design also comprises of speakers and an air conditioner that will help unwind further.

CEB Mobile bathroom

Getting the tag “portability” is the CEB Mobile bathroom that will squeeze into small spaces with ease. The smart design is a brainchild of Fernando Silva and will blend perfectly with a modern setup. It is easy to install and can also be moved from one place to the other without much trouble. The compact bathing unit is available in a variety of colors and can be picked to match your interiors. The aesthetically designed bathroom will put forward a comfortable as well as hygienic experience.

Reflection Bathroom

Connect with nature as well as your inner self, while you clean yourself in the Reflection bathroom. Portuguese designer Susana Reis has given the western styling a touch of nature, which will bless the user with a soothing atmosphere. This will not only clean you physically, but will do so till your spiritual core. The design of Reflection has been crafted using earth friendly materials, which makes the bathroom even closer to nature.

Bathroom Space Solution

Here to make a difference in small bathrooms is the Badkamer concept, which will be perfect if you want to save space. The design comes fitted with fixtures that can slide on a rail system, which looks like an abacus and also doubles as plumbing. Reconfigure the sink, shower, cabinets and sinks as per you needs. The fully functional bathroom can fit into a space measuring 6 ½ square feet. The only thing that is fixed is the toilet as it uses bigger pipes.


Clock is a compact bathroom model, which combines relaxation with body development exercises. The design comprises of a number of mobile and static elements. The whole equipment and its functions are controlled by a remote and it can be turned in all the directions, as per a user’s whims and fancies. The design features a shower, body dryer, mirror, wash basin with embedded face/hand dryer, bathing seat, toilet paper dispenser as well as a vacuum cleaner. So, do stretching exercises while you bathe and utilize the shower time in a constructive way with Clock.

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