Slim Desk combines storage and technology

main slim 6uCyT 3858

Here’s yet another tool designed to reduce the clutter that normally characterizes any workstation (exceptions prevail, of course). Slim Desk is an integrated solution that provides space savings as well as the necessary technological paraphernalia. And yes it is ergonomic too! A unique albeit minimalist design, Slim Desk has hidden compartments that keep technology at hand and yet neatly hidden from view. Slim Desk has a built-in power supply, USB docks, and data ports, conveniently added in the furniture itself. The compartments not only hide technological essentials but also provide handy storage areas below the work space. The Access Rail is a neat addition that allows users to attach the computer’s tools to the rail itself and thus frees up the space around for other tools. The cable management has an excellent solution inside of one of the legs of the desk. Keyboards and CPU holders can also be tucked away when not needed by mounting them to the underside of the desk. 99% recyclable, Slim Desk is mainly of aluminum, molded plywood and steel. It seems a great concept and if it made commercially available, it would definitely be a welcome relief from messy work spaces.

Via: Humanscaledesign

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