Calliper style radio: Slide to the music of your life

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Who says innovation always has to be about function? It could also be about form and appearance, presenting the same products we have enjoyed in the past in fresh shapes and patterns. We’ve enjoyed listening to the radio for years, and become well accustomed to the dial, and the newer buttons; here this radio design gives us a whole new way of tuning to our favorite stations.

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Mikael Silvanto’s tuner works like the sliding scale on a vernier caliper, in this case, sliding the whole radio on the rule to the precise station frequency. It probably has some complicated systems operating in it, maybe some capacitors integrating into the slides, but the tuning process is as simple as any regular radio, but with the added novelty of sliding the radio to your favorite song, and the sliding to the music on the dance floor.
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Source: Yanko Design

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