Slide in and then get flexibly housed in ‘the tube’

For temporary housing requirements, the Dutch firm tube4all has developed a modular residential unit named ‘the tube.’ This cylindrical housing unit can be used in various outdoor settings where a kind of domestic environment is required. As the name suggests, ‘the tube’ is developed in a tubular shape, and it can be fixed even in a park or lodge as a personal cabin to stay in. If you might have short-term living or sleeping requirements, this cabin can protect you in all seasons and weather types, be it rainy, hot, or cold and windy. It is properly equipped with a heater too.

The Tube Flexible Housing

This unit includes a table onto which the seating and backrests are placed. The table can be lowered down to the level of the seating and can be adjusted to create a plain surface. The backrests may then act as mattresses for two to three people. Thus, it is a flexible furniture system that offers comfort while sitting or sleeping. The space under the seats is designed to be utilized for storage purposes. Additionally, two light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are fitted into the ceiling for offering constant lighting. LEDs are connected to a circuit breaker and central junction box. To support the usage of electronic equipment, two sockets are also provided in this small house.

The stylish entry door and window frames of ‘the tube’ are created using safe and durable wood. The single-piece external structure is made of polyurethane so it can be proofed against cracks and seams. This whole housing unit is also guarded against water by making its interiors and exteriors waterproof. With a length of 10 feet, diameter of 7 feet and weight of 990 pounds, ‘the tube’ is quite lightweight to be easily transportable anywhere. The interiors and exteriors are well furnished to give you a wonderful living experience.

Via: designboom

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