Air Bed: Sleep on thin air, well almost!

air bed 58
Sleeping on thin air has been my fantasy for quite some time now and the Air Bed brings this fantasy of mine almost close to reality. And before you get excited and start thinking about levitation and stuff, Relax! This bed is not too dissimilar from other conventional beds except for the fact that it has some design trickery to give onlookers an illusion of you, sleeping on a bed floating on thin air. The design trickery i was talking about lies in the feet of the bed which are actually four slabs of glass that makes this bed look like it is floating in thin air. That, is of course only till the onlooker comes close enough to be able to feel it. Another cutting edge material that goes into this very minimal yet stylish looking bed is HPL which is what this bed’s base is made up of. To get the stunning Air Bed to your bedroom, your pocket will become lighter by 2300 Euros. A small price indeed, for the immense style and an almost fantasy-like sleeping experience that the Air Bed brings with it.

air bed 1 58
air bed 2 58

Via: Blog.lago

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