Sleek and playful Block.210 coffee table to keep your kids engaged

People who have zippy kids back home, tots who refuse to limit their play area to their own rooms, will absolutely love this idea. The playful coffee table will keep your kids thoroughly engaged and that too right in front of your eyes. What makes the table so appealing to kids are the blocks on the top and the fun games slotted in.

Block.210 Coffee Table

Dubbed as the Block.210 coffee table, this one is crafted by the Swedish artist Jessica Arosenius. Though the table holds games for kids, it looks quite chic and will easily fit into your trendy living area. The top of the table holds 210 wooden blocks. When your kids move around these blocks, they will discover the 8 different hues hidden beneath. What fun!

But kids are really sharp these days and though the game above is delightful, it is not tricky enough for the smart kiddies of today. So, tougher contests have also been slotted in. Like the one in which your kids can slide under the table and network with anyone who is messing around with pieces on the table top. By shifting the blocks around, 14 different patterns are revealed, which help the two people to interact.

Block.210 Coffee Table

This is a real fun way to talk to your kids and mingle with them. Moreover, the games will hone your child’s creativity and communication skills. Besides the living room, you can also put this table in the games room, activity room, family area or even the kitchen. The swell looking table is made from MDF and solid birch. It has top notch finishing and even its blocks are made from solid birch.

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