Reach for the sky : LCD screen brings Nature indoors

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With cities and towns cramped down with towering skyscrapers, fresh air and the delightful view of the sky have become a matter of chance, unless of course, you are the lucky one who resides or works in the top floor of a high rise. However, thanks to Sky Factory, who have come up with the SkyV, a ceiling embedded HD LCD screen integrated into a faux skylight framework, displaying life-like images of the sky. Introducing the pragmatic, universal and physiological benefits of nature, the ceiling-mounted system helps to release stress and anxiety by creating a virtual natural setting within the four walls of your room. Check out the video after the jump.

Design status:

The SkyV is an advanced HD presentation of virtual skies for soaring structures that will be available for viewing in fall 2008 and for purchase in the first quarter of 2009.


Presenting the transient images and varying moods of nature, together with overhead wildlife and the changing seasons, the SkyV is just more than a regular motion SkyCeilings. The SkyV, enriching any interior environment with life-like images and cutting-edge design, will be valuable in multistory offices, restaurants and residential complexes.

Gizmodo via Dvice

Designer Firm:

Sky Factory

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