Skyline Lab kitchen stylishly caters to special needs

A kitchen is the soul of a house and in modern times has become a space where family meets and spends quality time together. But, mostly this part of the house is never designed keeping in mind people with special needs. It can become a little difficult for them to grab different things without bending or stretching a little too much. Snaidero has designed the Skyline Lab kitchen that will bow down to all needs of such people.

Skyline Lab

The kitchen comes smothered in modern traits and has everything intact just like any regular design. It vows to be extremely user friendly with its stunning design. Skyline Lab kitchen embraces the ergonomic traits tightly and will definitely make kitchen time fun for people with restricted limb movements, elderly and even those on a wheelchair. All the shelves and cabinets have been placed at an easy to reach height. Everything will feel within reach and make the people with special needs all the more independent.

Skyline Lab kitchen comprises of a shallow sink, which will make washing dishes possible without bending down too much. Apart from this, it also has a retractable shelf that has been placed under the oven and carousel storage. The design has been crafted out in a way that it will have room for wheelchair access. The eye appealing Skyline Lab kitchen will help keep various appliances and utensils stylishly while making sure that no one remains dependent on others while using the kitchen area.

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