Skydiver to ride in special capsule to edge of space for 23 mile freefall

Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian daredevil who is all set to break the speed of sound as he undertakes a 23 mile freefall right from the edge of space. Baumgartner will make the journey to the upper reaches of the stratosphere is a pressurized spaceship-like eight-foot-capsule that is built to the skydiver up to 120,000 feet above sea level and withstand temperatures less than -70 degrees F.

skydiver capsule

At 23 miles above the surface of the earth, the freefall will break the speed of sound and make Baumgartner the first person ever to go supersonic outside a vehicle. The Austrian is known for base jumping stunts from the Petronas Towers and other famous high rises in the world and will wear a special bodysuit resembling the pressuring spacesuits worn by astronauts to be able to withstand the extreme and near vacuum like conditions at the edge of the stratosphere.

Full of helium, the adapted weather balloon would take the skydiver up 120,000ft in the atmosphere and after Baumgartner jumps, it would take him a mere 10 minutes to reach the ground in which he will travel towards the surface of the earth at speeds of more than 690mph and would even break the sound barrier in the first 35 seconds of making the jump.

Using an oxygen tank and the astronaut suit to keep himself alive during the first half of the jump, the Austrian helicopter pilot would not deploy his parachute till he has reached the elevation of 5,000ft above ground. The fall will give Baumgartner a chance to break as many as four world records including the records for fastest freefall, longest distance traveled in freefall, highest manned balloon flight, and highest-altitude freefall.

Via: Daily Mail

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